Pray for my 3 daughters & for a Godly relationship (0 members)

Prayer posted by Ed Young

PLEASE pray that God would soften my 3 daughters(2 are young teens & the other is in her 20's & facing questions of immorality) hearts to the salvation message(& my youngest daughters' mother as well), that they would receive it, & that they would get saved. i also ask that u would pray that the Lord would bring into my life a woman that will love me despite my flaws, will love Jesus, & wants to get married as i just recently returned to Jesus after having fallen away from Him 27 yrs ago & i want to be i a relationship that is upright & holy under God so that i might be able to operate in the capacity the Lord once called to if it is His will. thank u, & God Bless u for standing with me in prayer for this whoever u, & i pray that God touches u, strengthens u, & blesses u & ur family so that u may b a blessing to all those around u & many would come to know Jesus through ur witness. AMEN!


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